Pray For Anything?

Mark 11:24

From Jesus… “I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.”

Many believers have difficulty accepting this verse. Many scholars dismiss it and bury it in an opinionated context. After all, you can’t just ask for anything, you want. correct?

How do you explain someone who doesn’t receive what they want? So, theologians attempt to help us out by explaining this verse away as something that only relates to what God has already “Willed” for us. We just have to be so “Spiritual” and “Mature” in our walk that we can figure God’s Will out, and thus we would not even have to ask.

Here are a few questions though that may bring this passage into a brighter light.

  1. Do you believe that in the “spiritual” realm (the afterlife, heaven, etc.) that one can pray for anything, and it will be so?
  2. Including the events of the Bible, as well as in history, have there been times that a person or persons prayed for something, and it was so?
  3. Did Jesus leave the “spiritual” realm and come to the physical realm and demonstrate exactly how this passage works? And then gave us the same formula?

Here’s where believers get discouraged. This passage does not say, “Pray for anything and it will be yours.” Most people often leave out the MOST important part of this formula:

…and if you believe that you’ve received it…

This is the key to the formula that Jesus lived and modeled for us. BELIEVING that it’s already here.

“I believe that with God, all things, including my dreams and goals are possible.”

See you Sunday Church Family…

Pastor Brian