Easter To Resurrection

I remember traveling to our friend’s home in southern Illinois for the Easter holiday.  Like most kids, I grew up hunting for plastic and hardboiled eggs and for candy-filled baskets on Easter morning.  

Part of the celebration was getting into the new Easter outfits and going to the morning church service with our friends.  We would then hurriedly return home to delve into a cooked ham dinner and then onto tons of candy.

Those memories mean a lot to me because it was through that yearly friendship and holiday that the meaning of Easter changed to a Resurrection Celebration of my Savior and Lord.  It was through the year-by-year relationship and friends who shared the love of Christ in Bible study and through the invite to a Bible believing church that the truth became clear.  

I know that commercialism and retail have hijacked a wonderful Christian holiday over the years.  HOWEVER, nothing can hijack the TRUTH.  The TRUTH of the Resurrection is still present admis the colored eggs and bunnies.  The problem is- WE’RE not telling anyone about it!

It took our friends years of sharing and inviting before my family and I got it.  BUT, it took them consistently and faithfully sharing the TRUTH of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Personally, I don’t care what you call it: Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday.  But that day means NOTHING unless we share with or invite someone.  

On Saturday, April the 8th, we at LCC are inviting families from the area to our EggAPalooza at 11 AM.  Yes, there will be eggs, candy, gifts, crafts, and fun.  However, it will be meaningless if BELIEVERS are not there to share and invite.  I hope you can volunteer to be there and help at 9:30 AM. 

See you Sunday Church Family…
In-Person or ONLINE at www.levittownchristian.com
Pastor Brian