A disordered quiz


How many of these describe you?

–You have a hard time waiting the five seconds it takes to “skip advertisement” before watching an internet video.

–Sometimes you eat meals while driving to an appointment you’re late for.

–When a crisis occurs you think, “Not today.”

–There are things in your house that should be fixed, put away, thrown away, or filed but you are too busy to do it.

–You feel guilty about not doing the thing you don’t have time for because you are currently hurrying through something you should have done last week.

–The last time you had time for a vacation you actually took a camera because your phone didn’t have one.

–Your kids think their middle names are “hurry up” and “move it.”

Give yourself one point for every statement you resonated with. Add that amount to the number of pages you currently have open in your web browser. Multiply that by how many times you’ve checked your phone as you read this post. Double your total if your car needs gas but you’ve been too busy to stop for five minutes and fill up.

That number is a rough representation of how many reasons you have to come to Levittown Christian Church this Sunday and experience a message on the spiritual discipline of simplicity. John Ortberg says, “The problem, is not a disordered schedule, but a disordered heart.”

Simplicity brings freedom from the forces of urgency that would otherwise ruthlessly conform us to a life of superficial hurry. Simplicity unburdens us so we may live richly in meaningful moments instead of poorly skimming and dashing through life. If you are wondering what God’s plan is for you then know it involves the discipline of simplicity.

See you Sunday!